IZMIR added a second tram line to its growing urban rail network on March 24 with the inauguration of the 12.8km Konak Line.
THE mayor of Izmir Mr Aziz Kocaoglu inaugurated the 8.8km Karşiyaka - Mavişehir light rail line on April 11, adding 14 stations to the city’s expanding urban rail network.
THE mayor of Izmir Mr Aziz Kocaoglu officially unveiled the city’s new fleet of CRRC light metro trains on February 11.
THE first of 19 metro trains being supplied by CRRC Corporation to Izmir arrived in the Turkish city on September 10.
POWERLINES Group, Austria, has been awarded a contract by CCE Elektrik, Turkey, to supply overhead catenary components for electrification of new light rail lines in the Turkish cities of Izmir…
IZMIR celebrated the opening of the latest addition to its Izban suburban rail network on February 6 when the 27km extension of the Southern Line from Cumaovasi to Tepeköy was…
THE first of 38 low-floor LRVs being supplied to Izmir by the Eurotem joint venture of Hyundai Rotem and Turkish State Railways (TCDD) subsidiary Tüvsaş was presented to the mayor…
IZMIR Metropolitan Municipality has issued an invitation to tender for a contract to supply 17 five-car trains for the Turkish city's expanding light metro network.
IZMIR Metropolitan Municipality has awarded Hyundai-Rotem a $US 80m contract to supply 38 low-floor LRVs for two new light rail lines, which will serve the districts of Konak and Karsiyaka.
IZMIR Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey, is trying to obtain a loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to fund the acquisition of additional light metro trains.
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