February 13, 2018

US licensing agreement for Greenrail recycled sleepers

Written by  Marco Chiandoni
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GREENRAIL, Italy, has signed the first agreement for the industrialisation and marketing of its range of recycled railway sleepers in the United States.

Greenrail sleepers comprise an outer cover made of a blend of End of Life Tyres (ELTs) and recycled plastic, which encases pre-stressed, reinforced concrete inner core. This means up to 35 tonnes of ELT and plastics can be reused in 1km of track (1670 sleepers).

The Greenrail sleeper can be supplied with built-in photovoltaic panels for solar energy harvesting and devices for safety and diagnostic data transmission.

The agreement with SafePower1, a US company created by entrepreneurs and local investors, covers the states of Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Minnesota, Missouri and Wisconsin.

The 15-year contract is worth around €26m and envisages the granting of a patent license and trademark together with the design and supply of industrial plants with subsequent knowledge transfer.

The intellectual property of Greenrail technology is at present registered with 79 patent offices worldwide.

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